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Chrome Experiments


1stAveMachine – Production Company
Aaron Duffy – Director
Sam Penfield – EP
Jennifer Brogle Jones – Producer
Claire Mitchell – Head of Creative Development
Jennifer Stratton – Production Coordinator
Bob Partington – Art Director, Fabrication
Nathan Asquith – Fabrication
Peter Erickson – Fabrication
Carlos Ancalmo – Storyboards & Design
Mario Romeo – Assistant Director
Vi Nguyen – Technical Director
Daniel Roman – Compositor
George Vincent – Compositor
Jason Tsang – Compositor
John Laughlin – Compositor
Kathleen Tobin – Compositor
Lily Feng – Compositor
Ryan Hooks – Compositor
Sohee Sohn – Compositor
Ralph Scaglione – 3D Tracking
Val Gnaedig – Costume
Patrick Scola – Documentation
Emery Wells – Colorist
Agency: BBH New York
Kevin Roddy, Chief Creative Officer
Calle Sjoenell, Pelle Sjoenell, BBH New York, & Sebastian Royce, Glue
London, Executive Creative Directors
Jared Elms, Copywriter
Steve Peck, Art Director
Lisa Setten, Head of Broadcast
Aaron Royer, Producer
Ben Malbon, Business Director
Rossa Hsieh, Account Manager
Soundesign, Human